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Jim Hurd continues in the third year of working with EoCell, a leading Silicon Valley lithium-ion battery company, to assist in developing strategic alliances and rounds of investment in the US and in China.

Jim Hurd participates in his eleventh annual Renaissance Weekend leadership conference in Charleston, SC 12/28 - 31, 2017

On November 20, 2017 Jim Hurd spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, DC at the “One Belt One Road Forum” on the panel on US - China Innovation.

Jim continues to develop strategic alliances for the third year for a Silicon Valley family office - for several energy initiatives including the commercialization of small modular nuclear reactors using non-uranium sources of fuel.

On 10/4/2017 at the Water Innovations Alliance Conference at Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC, Jim Hurd spoke about leading water technology start-ups and which active investors are currently writing checks.

On 6/26/2017 in Beijing, China Jim Hurd again attended the Global Forum on Energy Security and its related strategic side meetings.

On 3/25/2017 at the Water Innovations Alliance Conference in Foxboro, MA Jim Hurd spoke about leading water technology start-ups.

Jim Hurd participated in his tenth annual Renaissance Weekend in Charleston, SC 12/28 - 31, 2016

Jim Hurd participates as a delegate to the Global Solutions Summit in Little Rock, AR 12/12-14

Jim Hurd meets with government officials and businessmen in five Chinese cities including Nanjing, Binzhou and Shanghai as part of the East West Bank delegation to China 11/16-21,2016

On 11/17/2016 , Jim Hurd speaks to local business and goverment officials in Binzhou, near Jinan, China

On 8/3/2016 at the Water Innovations Alliance in San Diego, Jim Hurd speaks on water start-ups and who is investing in them

Jim Hurd attends the Democratic Convention and a series of receptions in Philadelphia July 25-28

Jim Hurd attends the 5th Annual Global Energy Security Conference in Beijing, China along with leading delegates from China, U.S., England, Singapore, UAE and other countries 6/30 - 7/1

Jim Hurd attends and is on the Advisory Board of the Novus Summit at the United Nations on Sunday, July 17th

Jim Hurd is a panelist on clean energy on 5/5/16 at Eurasia Center BRICS Conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC

On 3/22/16 at Water Day at Water Innovations Alliance Conference in Washington, DC, Jim Hurd speaks.

Jim Hurd speaks 2/26/16 at United Nations Impact Leadership21 NGO Conference in NYC

Jim Hurd participates in 1/27/16 United Nations Carbon Finance Summit, "Advancing the Clean Trillion" in NYC

Speaking in NYC January 20th, 2016, Jim Hurd talks on the state of renewable energy and carbon exchanges in China to Harry Edelson's China Investment Group

Jim Hurd, representing EoCell lithium ion battery company that he consults for, joins East-West Bank delgation of businessmen and Mayors in Changchun, China for the Yitian Silicon Valley Innovation initiative, December 15-16, 2015

Jim Hurd delivers Public Comment at PCAST Meeting (President's Council of Advisors on Science and Tehnology) in DC on 11/20/15

Video & Agenda of 11/20/15 PCAST Meeting

Jim Hurd is advising EoCell Inc., a leading lithium ion battery company located in San Jose, CA on key strategic buisness alliances, beginning October 15, 2015

Jim put together alliances in 2015 for a Silicon Valley family office - for the commercialization of small modular nuclear reactors using non-uranium sources of fuel, and for a LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) company.

11/18/2015 - Jim speaks on new investments at the Water Innovations Alliance Conference in Washington, DC

9/24/2015 - Jim attends and participates at African Investor Infrastructure Summit at Thomson Reuters on Wall Street

4/22/2015 - Jim speaks on new investments in water at the Water Innovations Alliance Conference on Earth Day at General Electric in DC

12/3/2014 - Monterey Bay Global California Conference
Jim Hurd speaks on "Breakthrough Materials Start-ups Scaling Up Today"

11/9/2014 - Jim Hurd consults on business development for National Strategies, Inc. leader in helping major technology companies to close state and local government contracts and grants in individual states across the country"

8/21/2014 - Jim Hurd speaks on the "Future Trends" panel during Opening Ceremonies at the MoneyShow in San Francisco on 8/21/14 with Forbes Editor Rich Karlgard, former Intuit CEO Bill Harris and Cody Willard of Scutify. (registration required to view the video - no cost to register)

6/17/2014 - U.S. - China Energy Security Conference in Beijing, June 16-17
Jim Hurd speaks on "Cleaner Energy Technologies and Its Impact on Energy Security"

Water Innovations Conference in Chicago, IL May 16-17
Jim Hurd speaks on "Water Technology Start-ups - The Leaders"

Nanotechnology Business Roundtable in Washington, DC, May 6-7, 2014
Jim Hurd speaks on "The Business of Nanotech - Recent Successes and Failures"

12/30/13 - Jim Hurd speaks on two panels - China and - Cleantech at reknowned leadership forum "Renaissance Weekend" in Charleston, SC -- his sixth consecutive year participating in this unique strategic conference.

Talk given 11/7/13 at Rice University, Houston, TX Jim Hurd speaks on "Water and Materials Start-ups - Who's Leading the Way"

Keynote Speech at the 2013 BITCongress, on October 24th, in Tsingdao, China Jim Hurd speaks on "Commercialization Successes and Failures of Nanotech and Cleantech"

CIGEE Smart Grid Conference on June 19th, Beijing, China at 2:50 pm - Jim Hurd speaks on "Breakthrough Materials for the New Smart Grid"

On April 25th, Jim Hurd joins Chinese Energy Think-tank, ChangCe Institute, as Senior Advisor"

"Little Rock Cleantech Accord" - Dec 17th - Jim Hurd attends as invited participant.

Jim Hurd advises Nation-E, leader in energy software management, on Silicon Valley and U.S. strategic alliances

Jim Hurd joins management advisory team of

Jim Hurd attends "World Energy Summit" in San Diego 12/6-7/2012 - led by former Sen Tom Daschle on future of shale gas

Jim Hurd joins Panel of Experts at "Pitch Me Green" events in SF 8/2/12 and 10/2/12

In Beijing, China 9/14-15/2012 - Jim Hurd attends 2012 Zhongguancun Innovation Forum with the Founder of Keiretsu Forum and Director of Keiretsu Forum Beijing

July 16-18 - Jim Hurd participates in 2012 Global Innovation Summit, San Jose, CA

Jim Hurd interviewed on "People of Distinction" by host Al Cole
(Half hour interview with Jim starts 8:30 minutes into the hour-long radio show.)

5/23/12 - GIVE Eco Energy Director of Strategic Alliances Jim Hurd and President Frank Corsini meet with the U.S. Army to review upcoming renewable project objectives. (Link to overall GIVE Eco Energy web site)

2/26/12 - Jim Hurd attends Beijing Private Equity Conference at the invitation of one of BPEA's founding members. (Link to BPEA web site)

2/27/12 - Jim Hurd brainstorms with CBEEX for third year at CBEEX's Beijing headquarters on coming carbon caps China is planning to put on certain industries in China's 7 biggest cities. (Link to CBEEX web site)

2/15/12 - Skolkovo's Energy Efficiency Materials Initiative in Russia renews agreement with Jim Hurd as an Expert Advisor for a 2nd year. (Link to Skolkovo web site)

1/15/12 - Jim Hurd renews longtime membership in Keiretsu Forum, leading angel investment group. (Link to K4 web site)

12/29/11 - Renaissance Weekend in Charleston, SC - Jim Hurd participates for fifth consecutive year in reknown leadership conference. (Link to Ren Wkd web site)

11/26/11 - Nano Renewable Energy Summit" in Golden, CO Jim Hurd moderates a panel at NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab)

8/10/11 - Jim Hurd participates in “US China Cleantech Focus” in Shanghai, China as an attendee.

8/7/11 - Jim Hurd speaks on “Careers in Renewable Energy” in Beijing, China to Operation Smile’s Global Mentoring Conference

5/3/11 - Bluetech Valley Water Conference in Fresno, CA: Jim Hurd moderates and speaks on the "Investing in Water" panel

4/1/11 - Jim Hurd joins Advisory Panel to Skolkovo Foundation’s Energy Efficiency and Materials Initiative

"12/30/11 - Renaissance Weekend" in Charleston, SC. Jim Hurd participates. Link to article.

12/6/11 - A.C.O.R.E. 2010 Renewable Energy Conference Meets in Cannon House Office Bldg on Capitol Hill. Jim Hurd attends.

Jim Hurd becomes strategic advisor to "GIVE Eco Energy" - biomass to electricity projects internationally
United Nations MDG "Millennium Development Goals" Awards Held at Waldorf Astoria, NYC - Jim Hurd attends.

Renewable Energy Faculty at Singularity University for 2010 Summer Session - Jim Hurd joins Faculty.

Singularity University in major NY Times article.

"Bloomberg Green Global Business Summit" in Shanghai, China June 8, 2010. Jim Hurd attends.

Article quoting Jim Hurd in depth in Jim Motavalli's column May 25, 2010.

Nano Renewable Energy Summit" in Denver, CO May 24, 2010 - Jim Hurd speaks.

2/23/10 Meeting - "Cleantech Demonstrations at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo"

A Question to the Secretaries of Energy and Commerce about U.S. Action on Innovation

"US - China Cleantech" Reception the night before InterSolar and Semicon West

"Green Economy News" interviews Jim Hurd, April 9, 2009

"Jumpstarting the Entire Ecosystem of Energy Innovation"

Corporations and investors need to participate with intensity if the US is to lead in renewable energy.

by Jim Hurd, Director, GreenScience Exchange

"Breakthrough Renewable Energy Start-ups" talk by Jim Hurd, Director, GreenScience Exchange
Thursday, November 13th in Old Town, Alexandria, VA
at the law offices of Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney

The Latest on China and US Cleantech Start-ups and Upcoming Cleantech Demo Projects at the Beijing Olympics
Thursday, July 24th in Menlo Park, CA

"A Look at Cleantech Demonstration Projects at the Beijing Olympics" - Beijing, China - April 21st, 2008